Summer and Track Out Camps


We are a different kind of horse farm, and we run a different kind of camp. We enable children to experience the joy of working with horses and other animals. We have horses to fit all sizes of children. And we teach your children understanding and kindness to animals, so that getting animals to work with you comes more easily.


Our camps are all about safety and fun! And our camp sessions are designed to get your child hands-on experience in all aspects of farm life, in addition to improving their riding skills. We encourage parents to help us with the one major challenge we have with running camps: "Yes, you really do have to go home at the end of the day!"


Our Camp Experience




Our camps give children of all ages the opportunity to ride in the ring and on trails, and to participate hands-on with all the aspects of looking after and working with a horse. When we are not working the horses, we work with other farmyard animals and do many fun activities.



Children from as young as rising five can come to our camps. Younger children will find our smaller horses and Shetland ponies are less intimidating. We believe that no child is too young to start to gain respect for the natural world. We offer more challenging horses for older, more experienced children.



At our camps, children of all ages get to learn what it truly means to care for horses and other animals. They learn everything from getting the horse from the field, to grooming, to riding at a trotting. Our daily riding sessions include both riding in the ring (where we have lots of learning exercises and play games) and trail riding. We also like to teach our campers what it takes to care for these lovely creatures; therefore, they do basic chores such as poop scooping, saddle cleaning, and so on.


During the time not spent riding, we go swimming, play with rabbits, drive the pony cart, go fishing with nets, and many other fun and educational activities!


And as a special treat for camps in summer, the children also take the horses swimming, which means the children ride the horses while the horses swim across the pond!



We provide drinking water at all times. Children should bring lunch and snacks with them, as well as a refillable water bottle and any other drinks.


No special clothing or equipment is required. Jeans and sneakers are fine, but riding boots are preferable, if possible. We provide (and require the use of) riding helmets, although children are welcome to bring their own.



Our week-long camps typically run for five days, Monday to Friday, from 8am to 2pm and cost a week for beginner camps, and a week for intermediate or advanced camps. We also run day camps at per day, for 8am to 2pm(*), on those occasional holidays, teacher work days, etc. that occur during the school year. (Intermediate/advanced camps are per day, but are generally only offered during the summer.)


Care after 2pm or before 8am is available at per hour to help you with drop-off/ pick-up times. (Prior arrangement is required.)


If there's any day or any week when you want your child to come to camp, let us know! We are very open to adding additional camps throughout the year as needed. And as a convenience for parents who need to know they have a place for their child on such days, we guarantee we will not cancel camp for lack of campers or bad weather. We will run the camp even if there's only one camper planning to come!


For multi-day camps: A deposit is required to reserve a place; balance due 4 weeks before start of camp.

For one-day camps: The fee is due at the start of camp.

After-camp care: per hour and prior notification required.


See our Pricing page for more information.




Have a child who has been riding for at least two years, knows how to walk and trot without assistance, and is working on cantering? Our Intermediate or Advanced Rider Camps might be a good fit. Click here for further detail.


Alternately, older children who are suitably qualified can be Camp Helpers at our camps. Helpers attend camp for free and earn one free liberty ride each week. Or, if preferred, they can attend as Helper Riders and get a liberty ride each day for per week. Visit our Camp Helpers page for more information.


(*) During the winter months, our day & track out camps often run from 8:30am to 2:30pm OR 9am to 3pm so we can make the most of the heat of the day. The camp times will be noted on the Camp Schedule page. (Before and after camp care prices and arrangements are still applicable.)

Camper Checklist

Camper Waiver