Camp Schedule


Summer camps typically run Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm.


Please check our a daily camp activities!


We also offer after-camp care for an additional per hour. Please make arrangements with Cassie ahead of time if you are in need of after-camp care for your child.


Track-out camps are available all year round. So if there are other times you'd like camp, just let us know! Track-out camps can be by the day or by the week, and typically run from 8am to 2pm (but we can sometimes adjust the times if our schedule allows.)

Schedule is now posted! Please check out for the day to day camp activities

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Camper Checklist

Camper Waiver

*Beginner and Beginner Plus Camps are limited to 16 children.

Intermediate and Advanced Rider camps are limited to 10 children.

Please see the "Availability" column above to check if there are spaces left.