What to Wear


What do you need? We provide all the actual equipment you will need, including riding helmets (although you are welcome to bring your own if you have one.) You just need to wear "sensible" clothing.



"Weather Sensible": You will be outside! It gets really hot by noon in the middle of the summer, and pretty cold when the sun goes down in the middle of winter. We will go ahead with camp and riding in almost any weather (except for lightning!) so make sure you have the clothes for whatever the weather might do, including rain gear.


"Farm Sensible": Your clothes WILL get dirty, and may get scratched or torn. This no place for your Sunday best.


"Riding Sensible": Stout shoes and long pants are best for riding. Sneakers and jeans are ok, at least to start with.



You probably don't need to buy anything special to ride at EasiHorse. We have no "fashion" or "dress code" standards. But again, keep in mind this is not the place to wear your newest or fanciest clothes. Your clothes will get dirty and may get torn.


Jeans and sneakers are normal for beginners and work fine! Just keep in mind that the pants should allow the rider to spread his/her legs sideways ("low hung" pants prevent this.) And all footwear should provide a measure of protection from getting stepped on and should not fall off easily.


Open-toed or heel-less shoes (i.e. sandals, flip-flops, Crocs, etc.) are not a good idea!



Plus whatever is appropriate for the weather. Light T-shirts are good for hot summer days. And multiple layers are always beneficial so you can adjust if it might be hot or cold. For example: gloves with fingers if it's cold, rain gear if it might rain and you want to ride anyway, etc. It is better to take clothes off than to ride without the clothes you need!



ALL riders are required to wear a riding helmet. We will provide one for you -- we have all sizes.


If you are considering buying anything special for riding, we recommend that the first thing you purchase is your own helmet. Riding boots and/or pants come next, and are more important when you start trotting. Boots should have a substantial heel. Pants should provide protection against the stirrup leather rubbing the calf.