Trail Rides


We provide trail rides for beginning to advanced riders, including children and adults.

With over 50 acres of land, we have lots of trails for you to explore and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina countryside! Whether you're looking for a trail riding party for your child, or just to ride with family and friends, we've got a trail that's right for you.


Our trail riders get to do many of the same activities that our lesson riders do -- including helping to bring the horses in from the field, grooming them, and getting tacked up to ride. And we also include the most important piece of instruction:  how not to fall off a horse while riding properly! We do NOT teach people how to ride a horse like a fairground ride (i.e. hanging on tight!); we teach them how to ride with a proper, balanced seat -- even if they are 4 years old, or even if they are adults who have been "riding for years" when all that really means is they have just been passengers on the back of horses.(*) The whole trail ride process (grooming, tacking, riding and un-tacking) usually takes a about an hour.


Our Easihorse Farm instructors and/or attendants will accompany you on foot so that you can enjoy the ride and not have to worry about directions.


Trail rides are per person.


Looking for something more?

We also do Lessons specifically for people who want close instruction in their riding. And you don't have to choose between lessons or trail riding! Our Lessons often involve some time on the trail as well as time in the ring. This allows our riders to practice their skills in different settings and with different distractions, and to enjoy a change of scenery.



To schedule, simply text Cassie at (919) 229-9772 or email us at



(*) Horse riding is an inherently dangerous activity. Falls and injuries do occur. See our Danger! page for more information.