Riders with Special Needs Welcome!


Just being at EasiHorse Farm can be like therapy.


"I don't know how I'd get through the week without EasiHorse" said one mom with a challenging daughter.


Hearing "this is the best time of my life" is not something we take lightly, but it's surprising how often we have heard it from a child. And it's really something when said by the father of an adult disabled woman who needed an elevator to get out of their van, but had a great time riding a horse!


We are delighted to welcome ALL people to EasiHorse Farm, including riders with special needs. We will work with you to arrange a program to suit any individual, and that program can include any activity that we can figure out how to do here!


The pricing is the same as for all our Lessons: We charge per hour when an EasiHorse person is dedicated to look after the individual (aka "a private lesson"); and per hour if they do not need such individual attention (aka "a group rate" -- taking into account the help and supervision they get from people accompanying them.)


There is no charge for therapists, caregivers or family members who are looking after the individual with special needs.


We require the first visit to be "private" (/hour) for us to evaluate the needs of the individual.


If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please text Cassie at (919) 229-9772 or email us at fun@easihorse.com.