Meet Our Staff


And by "staff" we mean our animals of course!


We have horses, ponies, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats and many more animals; and they'd all love to meet you!

Our Other Animals


Deus is our newest puppy addition and was just born in March 2017 at our farm in Bahama. She is a Great Pyrenees though, so despite being the youngest of our dogs, she is also rapidly becoming the largest.


Addie is a Boston Terrier - Beagle mix and just celebrated her fifth birthday. She's small, but likes to be in charge! And she loves nothing better than sunbathing in the ring and helping keep an eye on the campers.


Lily is about 8 years old and came to live with us as a stray back in 2010, just after Road. She is very sweet, despite her loud hound-dog bark, and loves to spend her days lying on the picnic tables and keeping watch over the rabbits.


Jake was born in 2011 and has been a part of our family since he was 6 months. He's a mix breed with thick fur, so he often prefers to be in the shadiest spot he can find -- or inside in the AC during the summer months!


A hound-dog mix, Rufus became a part of our family in 2015 and quickly fit right in. He is very playful and loves to snuggle after a long, hard day running around and "helping" run the farm.


Road is the oldest of our dogs, just edging out Lily for the title. At least we think he is! Road joined our family as a young stray back in 2010 and took swimmingly to farm-life. His favorite time of day is anytime there is food available!



Ume the emu -- do you see what we did there? :) -- loves to say hi to new and old friends alike. She is about five feet tall and, as such, can look a little intimidating to small children; but she is very friendly and loves a good snack.


Amall is our resident llama (hence the name!) He says anytime is dinnertime, and loves nothing more than a nice dip in the pond in the summer, or the water trough if the pond is too far away!

FM ("Effie")

Effie is roughly 7 years old and is the matriarch of our goat family. She has had six beautiful babies while living on our farm, and has her hooves full taking care of her current twins!

Levi Strauss

At about 10 years of age, Strauss is our oldest goat and the leader of the herd. He's also our friendliest goat and always first in line for food.


Indiana is Effie's second son and was also born here at Easihorse in 2015. He still likes to stay as close to his mother as he can get, often snuggling with her in the sunshine.


Gigi is Effie's daughter and was born right here at Easihorse in 2013. Gigi also had her first baby (Elle) here at our farm and they are both very sweet girls.


Mocha was born at EasiHorse in February 2017. She has grown into a beautiful chocolate-brown goat and is a favorite with the visitors.



Daughter to Gigi and granddaughter to Effie, Elle was born at the farm in February 2016. The spitting image of her mother, Elle is a gentle and friendly little lady who loves snack time.



Espresso was born January 19th, 2019 and is Mocha's first live baby. As such, Mocha was a very protective momma, and Espresso is growing up to be just as sweet and gorgeous as her.

Minerva ("Mini")

Mini was born Jan 21st, 2019. She had trouble suckling when she was first born, so she had to be bottle-fed and hand-raised. This has only made her even more adorable and friendly, though, and she can now often be seen helping Cassie around the farm!


Posey is a Miniature pig (though, as you can see, they don't stay THAT miniature!) who joined our family in 2013. She is usually the one covered in mud.


Quill was born on January 20th, 2019. Along with his twin brother (Peter), he makes the fourth set of twins Effie has given birth to on our farm, and her first set of twin boys.



Poppy is a Juliana pig who came to live with us in 2012. She loves nothing more than a snack and a nice nap in the sun.




Guinea Hens

We have several beautiful guinea hens that joined us as chicks in the spring of 2015. Lavender Brown, Winnie the Bish, Gale, Argentina and Patti LuPone are some of their names.  They're quite chatty so don't be surprised if they talk over you now and then.



Our lovely flock of chickens includes several heritage breeds such as Dominiques, Phoenixes and Araucunas, which lay green eggs! And we often have fresh eggs for sale, laid right here at home by our ladies. See our "Eggs" page for more information. (P.S. Our chickens do have names but there are too many to list them all!)


Boris and Aflac

Our Chinese geese, Boris and Aflac, joined our farm family as goslings back in 2009. They help protect our other animals from intruders and often seen patrolling their field.


We have bunnies galore! They are all different variations of brown and white Domestic Rabbits and are always very popular with our younger visitors. We also occasionally have rabbits for sale, so let us know if you are interested.



Denny the turkey has been with us since he was a young lad back in 2008. He likes to keep an eye on all the farm happenings and occasionally will perform a little turkey dance for a lucky visitor.

LBC, Gracie, Art, Cagney

and Lacey

LBC, Gracie, Art, Cagney and Lacey are our five gorgeous barn cats. They help keep the mouse population under control, and are often found perched on top of the hay bales, keeping an eye on the place.