Natural Boarding


We offer Natural Boarding for you horse or pony. We make every effort to support a natural lifestyle for our horses. This means that they live in small herds outside in fields all year round, and their feed is based mainly on long fiber (hay). This situation makes for happy horses, but it does mean our horses look like horses -- they get dirty when they play in the mud, and wet when it rains.


Read about our principles of Natural Boarding (pdf).


If you are interested in boarding your horse or pony with us, please text Cassie at (919) 229-9772 or email us at

Standing in the Natural Shelter

All of our pastures are designed to allow use of the woodlands as natural shelters.

Enjoying the Grass

During the spring and summer, there is plenty of grass for the horses to eat.

Hay Feeder

We supplement with hay all year round to make sure our horses always have access to plenty of food.


Living outside means their coats are fully developed. These coats mean the horse can not only can withstand the cold, but also that any snow that lands on them will not melt. It remains frozen, demonstrating how well their coats hold in their body heat.