**Please note that our child and adult lessons are currently full. The waitlist is also full**

 We don’t know when we will have availability as it depends on when a current student gives up their spot and we have worked through our wait list. 



Our lessons are intended to allow anyone to acquire the knowledge, skills and outlook necessary to enjoy recreation with horses and ponies. We start at any age and any skill level. Beginners are welcome, and so are people with special needs.



Ask yourself why you want to ride horses? Or why you want you child to do it?

Our core philosophy is that people do things with horses (including riding) because they enjoy doing them... there's no other reason to do it! Riding a horse is not an efficient way to get from A to B; a car is much faster. And, unlike learning to swim, learning to ride a horse is probably not going to save your or someone else's life.


"Learning" may be necessary to ride, but "riding" is the goal.


While there's nothing wrong with being proud of what you do with your horse, if the reason you do it is to please judges and win ribbons, then EasiHorse is not the right place for you. Winning ribbons becomes about beating another human, and it's the horse that loses out eventually.


The most important things we teach are about how to work with the horse without unnecessary risk of harm to people or horses.


The most valuable thing we can teach you is how to develop a relationship with your horse so that what you do together is enjoyable for both of you, and what you learn then is mostly from the horse by doing things with him.


Children spend so much of their life being told what to do, when to do it and how to do it, they miss out on the joy of discovery. At EasiHorse Farm, we want to equip them to discover their relationship with horses; not do it for them.





We offer lessons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and do our best to find a schedule that fits your needs. After school and weekends are busiest, of course, so if you aren't constrained by the standard school schedule, it's easiest to get in. A lot of people establish their schedule at the start of the school year, so let us know your needs as soon as possible.


Our normal "full" lesson are one hour long and in a small group setting. And for smaller children, with less stamina and (perhaps) less attention span, we offer "half" lessons which are 30 minutes and are one on one. Private, one on one lessons are also available for adults or older children for 30 or 60 minutes, as scheduling allows.


See our "Learning to Ride" and Trail Rides pages for more details and other options!



Full Lessons (1 hour)

per person or for block of 8

Half Lessons (30 minutes)

per person or for block of 8

Private Lessons

per hour or per half-hour

To be added to the lesson wait list, simply text Cassie at (919) 229-9772 or email us at fun@easihorse.com.