Cost: per dozen


All of our chickens are farm-raised right here at EasiHorse Farm and are allowed free range all over our property. They are only shut in their coops overnight for their own protection from raccoons and other wildlife; and you will frequently see them in the barn and in the ring, joining in on riding lessons!


Our chickens' diet is supplemented with layer pellets and a small amount of cracked corn to help ensure they have the right vitamins and minerals needed to lay eggs and stay healthy. But the majority of their diet comes from the grass, plants and bugs they find while out and about, plus good scraps from our kitchen.


We  have several different breeds of chicken within our flock (including some heritage breeds such as Dominques, Phoenixes and Araucunas), so our egg shells are often a fun bouquet of different colors, from white to brown to green -- as you can see below!

We now have duck eggs available! They are $6 per half dozen or $10 for a whole dozen.