Camp Helpers


We invite children with previous horse knowledge and experience to join us at camp as Helpers, and help us with running it!


The helper's number one duty is to increase safety around horses. That means, to be a helper, you have to be experienced enough around horses to keep inexperienced children safer. You need to know how to do everything (or almost everything!) that needs to be done with the horses and be able to help those who don't.


Typically we ask that a helper has attended our camp previously, so we can know that you have the necessary experience to do the job and also that you know what it's like for the campers you will be helping.


There is no charge for attending camp as a helper, but you must reserve a space and must regard it as a commitment. Having the right number of helpers is important for the smooth running of the camp.


Helper Riders


Another option, if you want to be a helper and still be able to ride every day, is for you to attend camp as a Helper Rider.


Helper Riders are required to have the same experience and commitment as Helpers and will perform all the duties of a Helper; but they also get one hour for one hour three days a week.


The cost of attending camp as a Helper Rider is per week and you must reserve a space.