Birthday Parties


There's nothing like celebrating your birthday -- or anything else you want to celebrate -- in the great outdoors!


** Regular parties are , including:

- 1 hour of riding with 2 horses doing rides and another pulling a cart (sufficient for about 12 children);

- Up to 1 hour of shelter, tables, play space and petting animals.


Extra horses for riding are per horse. Each 5 children above 12 requires an extra horse. Maximum number of children is 22.


An alternative to a party is a "Group Visit", which starts at $10 per child per hour (minimum charge $100) of grooming, riding a horse or pony, and fun with animals. Maximum number of children is 22.


** Trail Ride parties are per person for as maximum of 12 kids, with the option of using the party area for a party for .


Each child gets an appropriate horse or pony from the field; halters, grooms, and tacks the horse; gets basic training on riding (i.e. "how not to fall off" and how to stop); and then we go on a trail ride through the woods and fields. Afterwards, they put the horses and everything back - just like having your own horse!


For 14 children, the children work in pairs and share the trail ride (one riding at a time).


Due to the higher level of involvement, trail ride parties are best for ages 8 and up.




After the riding portion for either party type, we will feed the goats, emu, and pigs with food that is provided by EasiHorse. And you are also welcome to bring other food (such as lettuce, carrots or other vegetables) to feed to the rabbits.




Our regular party spots are 2:45pm on Saturdays or 2:30pm on Sundays.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to make a booking, please text Cassie at (919) 229-9772 or email us at





We provide the animals, a 18x20ft canopy with up to four tables and benches/chairs, and plenty of space for the children to do whatever you want.



You provide the party fare: food, decorations, anything you want. Keep it simple, or go big time. It's your choice.



We provide the horses - and as much horsin' about as you allow time for. Let us know if you have particular activities in mind. We also provide ponies and they're always a great hit with the children - riding, driving the cart or just prettying them up!



We have lots of other animals for the children to get to know. Many of them know that party-time is feeding time!



We can provide parking for lots of cars -- we have 60 acres -- but we need to plan ahead if an unusually large number of cars are expected. So please give us a rough estimate when you book the party.


In addition, we ask you and your guests to park away from the party area to the keep the children and animals safer. Feel free to drop off your party supplies, but move your car before your guests arrive.



We are a working farm with lots of animals! So don't even think about picking up any food that you or the children drop. You don't need to; it is going to be picked up and eaten with great pleasure by whichever animal is nearest. And it should definitely NOT be eaten by any children.


On a similar note, you should regard our tables and benches as you would a picnic table in a park. We strongly recommend you bring disposable tablecloths.




A deposit is required at the time of the reservation to "hold" your party slot. Please see our Payment page for information on how to pay.


You can't control the weather! We don't penalize you for that.  We encourage you to be aware of how quickly the weather "forecast" changes, though, and recommend you leave it as late as you can to make a decision, recognizing that informing participants takes time. We have had far more parties canceled when the weather turned out to be just fine, than we have had rained-out parties (actually we have never had a rained out party!)


If you are willing to wait to within a few hours to make the decision, look at the NOAA radar, and look at path and speed of the rain, for "our" location (which is under the 'M' of Durham in this map). You will get  very accurate prediction of "our" weather. (But just because it's raining at your home, it does not mean it is, or will be, raining here).


If the weather goes bad on you, we will arrange a rain date for the party; or we will encourage you to get the children their horse fix some other way that consumes the deposit; or we will refund your deposit. If you cancel too late for us to book another party and too soon to make a reasonable prediction of the weather, we will not refund the deposit. We hope you see that as fair.