Camp Schedule


Summer camps typically run Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm.


The fee is $370 per week for beginner camps,

and Price-not-defined-for-campadvanced:full per week for intermediate or advanced camps.


We also offer after-camp care for an additional $10 per hour. Please make arrangements with Cassie ahead of time if you are in need of after-camp care for your child.


Track-out camps are available all year round. So if there are other times you'd like camp, just let us know! Track-out camps can be by the day or by the week, and typically run from 8:30am to 2:30pm (but we can sometimes adjust the times if our schedule allows.)

Camper Checklist

Camper Waiver

Aug 10-1458am-2pm$415FullAdvanced Camp
Sep 25 (Day)18am-2pm$74 YesDay Camp
Oct 30 (Day)18am-2pm$74 YesDay Camp
Nov 25 (Day)18am-2pm$74 YesDay Camp
Nov 27 (Day)18am-2pm$74 YesDay Camp
Availability as of Tue Aug 4 16:51:05 2020

*Beginner Camps are limited to 9 children.

Intermediate and Advanced Rider camps are limited to 8 children.

Please see the "Availability" column above to check if there are spaces left.